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MCAs accuse Chief Kadhi over Iddul Adha celebration dates

KNA   Garissa County Assembly Minority leader Mohamed Ali has expressed disappointment over the manner in which the Chief Kadhi Sheikh Ahmed Muhdhar has been ‘operating’.

Speaking Tuesday at General Mohammud Idd grounds after Iddul Adha prayers, Ali accused the Chief Kadhi of going against the Muslim wishes on important occasions.

“It’s very unfortunate what the Chief Kadhi in this country is doing. If you are a leader, you are leading the people who are under you. Every time Muslim community want to celebrate on their occasions, he goes against them,” Ali said.

“The last time, it was on Idd-ul-Fitr and even today, 99 percent of Muslims are celebrating Iddul adha but the Chief Kadhi yesterday told the Muslim to celebrate it on Wednesday which is even against the teaching of Islam,” he added.

Goreale MCA Abdirahman Mohamed echoed Ali’s sentiments noting that the chief kadhi is not the custodian of the Muslim calendar.

Mohamed said that there is an association of Muslim leaders in Kenya who are the custodians of the said calendar and urged the government to consult them for actual celebration days for official placement on the Kenya gazette.

“The chief Kahi role is limited. It is only about inheritance and marriage. He cannot interfere with the calendar of the Muslims and therefore he should restrict himself to the roles of the office he is holding,” Mohamed said

Chief Kadhi Sheikh Ahmed Muhdhar had earlier announced the holy celebrations would be marked today (Wednesday).

“No moon was sighted by Saturday, July 10. Therefore, the fasting starts on Monday, July, 12 and the holy celebrations will be marked on Wednesday, July 21,” he said.

On May 13, a section of Muslims defied the Chief Kadhi to hold Idd-ul-Fitr prayers a day earlier than advised.

Sheikh Ahmed Muhdhar has also been on the spot for supporting appointment of a woman Chief Kadhi, which Muslim leaders have strongly opposed.



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