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MCA embarks on tree planting mission to mitigate climate change

Kabare Ward MCA Patrick Chomba has embarked on a tree-planting mission in his area to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The leader said even though all rivers that flow through his Ward have their sources in the Mt Kenya forest, many of them have low water levels caused by the effects of climate change. “Some of these rivers which used to have high water volumes have started drying up from upstream after trees which grow along them got felled indiscriminately leaving the banks exposed,” Chomba said.

Chomba who is an Ambassador for climate change in Kirinyaga County said unless urgent remedial measures were put in place by planting trees, especially early-maturing species, the situation would become worse to the detriment of the residents.

He said riparian land along these major rivers was set to be reclaimed by planting trees, which on maturity will protect water from rapid evaporation and soil erosion during heavy rains.

Speaking at Karia playgrounds within the Ward, this morning after distributing 600 tree seedlings to the locals the leader however said the venture would require some resources to accomplish.

“The tree seedlings I have just distributed comprising of macadamia and avocado have been sourced from my private nursery while some reasonable monetary resources are required to come up with this kind of an undertaking,” he said.

The County legislator urged well-wishers and International Donors to come and collaborate with him to achieve the noble course for the sake of posterity. “This venture calls for concerted efforts to accomplish and it’s on this basis am appealing to the International community which concerns itself with climate change to come in and assist since we have already started the journey to reverse the adverse negative climate change manifested in our region, ”Chomba said.

He said he had decided to provide the residents with the free fruit and macadamia seedlings to enable them sustain themselves financially after the trees matured since the two crops were for economic gains.

The MCA also recalled how he started distributing the same crops a year after being elected to individuals and schools where the trees have since begun to bear fruits.

Kabare Ward MCA Patrick Chomba who is a Climate Change Ambassador distributes some tree seedlings to the residents of Karia village in his effort to mitigate the prevailing climate change

Kiringa and Mukengeria  are the main rivers which traverse the Ward from the mountain downstream  and are also the major sources of domestic and small irrigation water while their riparian land has been devastated and requires urgent reclamation.

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