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Maragua MP maintains she is still a member of Jubilee party

Maragua MP Mary Waithera has dismissed claims that she has ditched the Jubilee Party for Deputy President’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

 Waithera who is locally known as Wamaua reiterated that she is still a member of the ruling party despite joining deputy president William Ruto in a church event last Sunday, when he visited her constituency.

The MP noted that she had only been invited at the local church’s event, which was graced by the DP saying that did not mean she has joined UDA.

She underscored the development achieved in her constituency by the Jubilee administration saying she will continue to support President Uhuru Kenyatta until he completes his term.

“People of Maragua have appreciated what the current regime has done for them in terms of improving infrastructure, water and power connections.

“Currently eleven roads have been tarmacked and there is another whose upgrade is going on. Maragua dam which will supply water to thousands of homesteads is still under construction. We very much appreciate what President’s Kenyatta’s administration has done to us,” said the legislator after she met Jubilee members drawn from Murang’a south sub county.

Waithera added that despite increased political temperatures as the 2022 general elections nears, she will continue pressuring the government to complete projects which have already been started.

“For the remaining time before we go for general elections, my plans are to see all the projects which have been initiated by the national government are completed and start giving services to local residents.

“For a long time, Maragua was neglected in terms of roads, but with the new road networks, movement of people and transportation of farm produce has been boosted,” she added.

A local resident, Sarah Njoki Njoroge lauded the Jubilee administration for the development record attained in the constituency.

She said the road, water and power projects being run in the area have provided jobs to thousands of local young people.

“We thank the current government for the projects they are doing in our area. Contractors implementing the roads and water projects have employed many young people from this sub county,” she added.

Maragua MP Mary Waithera speaking when she met Jubilee Party members drawn from Murang’a south sub county

Another resident, Kenneth Maguta observed apart from roads, the government has also done a lot in improving health facilities and markets.

Mugata said leaders should support the president in his remaining time so as to complete projects which have already been started.

“In this area, the mega dam being done in Maragua needs to be supported so as to be completed before next general elections. Already completed projects like roads have boosted the local economy,” he added.

A local youth leader Lameck Muiruri called upon political leaders to tone down campaigns and give the government time to complete ongoing projects.

He faulted people who have been downplaying achievements which have been attained by the current regime.

“We have seen leaders fully campaigning and trying to taint the achievement of the Jubilee administration. Let those campaigning sell their manifestos without inciting Kenyans against the government,” he added.

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