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Magarini police arrest three over transportation of crude weapons 

Police officers in Magarini have arrested three people and confiscated nine machetes they believe were intended to be used to spark off ethnic clashes in parts of Tana River County. 

The officers, with the help of their Malindi Sub County counterparts are also hunting for a pastor and an alleged leader of the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) said to be behind the plan to evict a certain community from Miticharaka area of Tana Delta Sub County. 

Magarini Sub County Police Commander (SCPC) Daniel Kimbio said the arrests and confiscation of the machetes followed a tip off that the crude weapons had been transported by matatu to Katsangani area in Tana Delta Sub County but later transported by a motorcyclist to Mwendapole shopping centre where they were hidden. 

Intelligence reports, according to Mr Kimbio, had also indicated that the transportation of the machetes followed an MRC meeting that was allegedly held in a Pastor Mwamure’s house in Matsangoni area of Malindi Sub County under the chairmanship of a Mr Paul Ngumbao. 

He said following the tip-off, officers visited a shop belonging to one Hasara Katana Julu at about 8pm where witnesses said they had seen the weapons being taken. However, they found the shop closed and visited Julu’s residential house, but they found nobody. 

The SCPC said the officers were forced to lie in wait outside the shop and house overnight and managed to catch Julu’s wife in the morning.

 Police officers then ordered the woman to open the shop but after a thorough search, they found nothing. 

The officers were then led to a shop where Julu sells petroleum products and on searching they found nine newly purchased and sharpened machetes wrapped inside a polythene paper and stashed inside an empty bale of maize meal. 

“When we inquired from the lady about the source of the weapons, she said they had been brought there by a motorcyclist well known to her. The officers immediately launched a search and arrested the motorcyclist,” he said. 

Oblivious of what was happening, the owner of the shop (Julu) arrived at his house early Friday morning and walked right into the hands of the officers.

He was arrested alongside his wife and locked up at the Marereni police station. 

“According to intelligence reports, there was a meeting at the home of the pastor at Stage ya Maziwa area of Matsangoni, whose main agenda was to displace members of a certain community in Miticharaka area,” he said.     

The nine machetes that were confiscated by police at Mwenapole shopping centre in Malindi Sub County. Police arrested a man and his wife as well as a motorcyclist, and they are hunting for a pastor and an MRC leader believed to be the masterminds behind the weapons. Magarini Sub County Commander Daniel Kimbio said the weapons would have been used to evict a certain community in Miticharaka area of Tana Delta Sub County 

He said police would take the three suspects to court once investigations are complete, while a man-hunt has been launched for the arrest of the ringleaders, who include the pastor. 

Mr Kimbio urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities in the area.

He also said more patrols will be intensified in the affected areas in order to forestall any activities that could lead to anarchy between communities.



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