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Machakos Speaker Plants over 1000 trees in Katanga

Machakos County Assembly Speaker Florence Mwangangi joined teachers, local authorities and Katanga primary school pupils in planting over 1000 trees in an effort to combat the changing climate in Kenya’s eastern region.

While speaking at the tree planting session in Katanga primary school, Mwangangi stated that she has been a promoter of tree planting and invited other Machakos locals to join her in doing so.

Mwangangi said that the Katanga primary school administration has guaranteed that the newly planted trees were properly taken care of under the right environmental conditions to prevent them from dying.

“Today, I have participated in a tree-planting session with Katanga Primary School students, teachers, and other local authorities. Over 1000 trees have been planted. They have committed to look after the trees so that they can grow in a healthy environment,” said Mwangangi.

She noted that tree planting is a noble cause and that everyone should make sure they have engaged in tree planting before the end of the year.

“I have always been an advocate for tree planting and I urge all of you to join me in this worthy cause, let this year not come to an end before you plant a tree,” she urged.

Mwangangi also noted that trees have an essential role in enhancing rainfall thereby preventing drought.

She said that Machakos County is one of the counties affected by drought which prohibits farmers from farming resulting in food shortage and economic losses.

The speaker urged Machakos County residents to prioritize tree planting as a way of mitigating climate changes.

“Let us plant more trees in Machakos to increase rain. Our farmers need rain in order to facilitate crop and animal farming to boost our economy,” noted Mwangangi.

The Speaker praised teachers for their selfless efforts in ensuring that students have access to quality learning abilities that they could subsequently apply in their careers.

“I honour the service rendered by the teachers to the society. They always ensure that our children get the education that they need for career development. We should always support them in doing good to the society,” added Mwangangi.

Machakos County Speaker Florence Mwangangi speaking on the importance of tree planting to the residents of Katanga at Katanga primary school.

Recently the Post Bank launched a tree planting exercise in Machakos county where they donated 3800 seedlings worth Sh80, 000 as a way of conserving the environment and mitigating climate change that causes extreme weather conditions.

During the Bank’s tree planting launch, Machakos Deputy Governor Eng. Francis Maliti also noted that deforestation in Machakos was the cause of climate change.

He added that the county had put in place resources and strategies to distribute tree seedlings to ensure that all schools in Machakos County have planted trees.

The tree planting initiative is also a strategy to ensure that Machakos County achieves its target of planting over 50 million trees by 2022 which was recommended by the Machakos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua during the launch of the Continuous Tree Planting programme in 2018.



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