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Machakos MP donates school bus to St. Patrick’s Metuma Secondary school


Machakos Central MP Dr. Victor Munyaka has donated a new school bus worth Sh8 million under the National Government Development Fund (NG-CDF) to St. Patrick’s Metuma Secondary School in Machakos County.

Speaking to parents and other stakeholders at the school during the handing over ceremony, Munyaka said that the bus’s purpose was to support the school by providing students with transportation as they take part in extracurricular activities including athletics, field trips and competitions.

“Through the NG-CDF, I have donated this school bus to St. Patrick’s Metuma Secondary to provide convenient transportation services for students and teachers during educational trips, competitions, and sporting events that take place outside of the classroom,” Munyaka said.

He urged the students to put more effort into their studies so that they may achieve great grades and further on to higher educational levels without being constrained by their backgrounds.

 “I advise students to value their education and put in more effort in their studies to achieve academic excellence and advance to higher levels of education despite this being a local day school,” said Munyaka.

The MP also urged teachers to step up their game in terms of ensuring that students are adequately prepared for national exams so that they may perform well. “I urge teachers to dedicate themselves in their work to ensure students receive enough preparation before taking their national exams,” said Munyaka.

The bus will be a relief to the parents during these difficult economic times as it will reduce the costs of hiring transportation because they will only need to pay for fuel.

“Many people are going through a difficult time right now because almost everything is getting more expensive. Rather than hiring buses from outside, which every parent would have to pay Sh1000 or more for, you’ll only need to donate a smaller amount for the fuel,” said Munyaka.

Munyaka also advised the parents to guide and support their children to ensure they are motivated to study hard and succeed academically.

 “Children need parental guidance in order to be inspired to work well in school, and parents need to make an investment in their kids’ education by giving them guidance and making sure they have the provisions they need for school,” said Munyaka.

The MP said that the community is not limited to using the school bus but urged them to ensure the bus carries the right number of passengers at all times to ensure the bus is not misused and no accidents occurred.

“The community is not barred from using the school bus but only with permission from relevant authority when the bus is being hired to ensure discipline and proper maintenance while using the school bus,” said Munyaka.

Machakos Town MP Dr. Victor Munyaka commissioning a school bus at St. Patrick’s Metuma Secondary School in Machakos County

He noted that education is at the top of his development agenda and that he is committed to making sure that Machakos’ educational standards rise and that each child has the opportunity to learn.



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