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Maa community urged to unite politically

KNA    A section of Maa leaders has challenged the community to unite ahead of the next year’s general elections in a bid to consolidate their votes in one basket.

The leaders who spoke in different events observed that voting as a block will give the community political strength to negotiate for development projects in the next government.

Narok North Member of Parliament Moitalel Ole Kenta said unwarranted political divisions were dragging the region behind, as they cannot negotiate for meaningful projects in the region.

“It is time we start talking the same political language. If we allow divisions because of our selfish interests, we will not go far and our people will not benefit,” said the ODM Member of Parliament.

The MP who spoke in Narok town Tuesday observed that already many Maa politicians especially from the larger Purko clan had declared their interest in the gubernatorial position come 2022, thus throwing the residents into even more confusion.

“We need to sit down as a community and agree to follow one path. The divisions we are seeing now will not benefit our people,” he reiterated.

The same sentiments were repeated over the weekend during the burial of Mama Dorcas Ntimama, wife to the late veteran politician William Ole Ntimama where the speakers called for political unity.

Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku challenged members of the Maa community not to allow themselves to be divided by self-centered politicians, whose main aim is to benefit individually from the people’s votes.

Ole Lenku said regions that vote as a block benefit with more development projects than the divided regions because they can easily negotiate with the ruling government.

“Central Kenya votes as a block, same to Nyanza and the Rift Valley region. Are we cursed as the Maasai community to be divided every other time? Time has come for the Maa nation to vote as a block,” said the first time governor.

Narok women representative Ms. Soipan Tuya asked the leaders to put aside their political differences and unite the residents in one direction.

Though she has declared her interest in vying for the governorship position under the UDA umbrella, Ms. Tuya said she is ready to put her political ambitions aside and sit down with all the county leaders to chat the best way forward for the people.

Others who have expressed interest in the gubernatorial seat in the county include Labour Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick Ntutu, Principal Secretary for Youth affairs Charles Sunkuli, Narok South Member of Parliament Korei Lemein and Narok West MP Gabriel Tongoyo.

Since devolution, the county has never had any elected female representatives even in the position of Member of County Assembly (MCA) except for the Women representative seat.

 The total number of registered voters in Narok County as published by IEBC in 2017 is 341,730, distributed per constituency as follows, Narok North 78,380, Kilgoris 67,079, Emurua Dikirr 35,531, Narok East 39,559, Narok South 65,772 and Narok West 55,409.



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