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Legislators trade blame over water crisis in Tana River County

KNA    Three Tana River legislators have accused Governor Dhadho Godhana’s administration for failing to resolve water shortages in the county.


Speaking in Madogo, area women rep Rehema Hassan challenged the county leadership to make public how much the county allocated to the water department and how the same was spent.


“The county government received Sh 7 billion last financial year alone. We have been paying for services without delivery. In Madogo we are paying Sh 1,700 monthly while for three months we have not received a drop of water,” Rehema said


Rehema alleged that the county water officials have refused to address water shortages so that they can continue selling water to the residents using water trucks, which many people cannot afford.


“We do not want to be supplied with water from these water trucks. We want a permanent solution for water challenges in this county,” the women rep said.


“The county Assembly must also harmonize the water tariffs, so that we don’t have some people paying Sh 500 while others are paying Sh 1,700. We are all equal before the law,” she added.


An agitated MP asked the county government to install a solar powered system for pumping water to the residents if indeed the Kenya power supply has been expensive.


Bura MP Ali Wario alleged that the current water crisis would continue until the current governor leaves office.


“Water challenges in this county cannot end until Godhana goes home. We are ready to unite our people so that we can bring someone else who will adequately address water challenges,” Wario said


On his part, Tana River Senator Juma Wario called on the governor to address water shortages in the county that are ‘getting out of hand’.


“The people tell me I am a friend to the governor but if the governor cannot serve water to the people of Madogo, Hola and Bura, that is not a friend that will help me. My friend is the one who will serve our people,” he said.


Speaking at a recent event, Tana River Water and Sewerage Company (TAWASCO) Managing Director William Jilo said that they do not have the authority to review water-charging tariffs.


Tana River County has been faced with a water crisis for the last few months with leaders pointing fingers at each other over the failure to have permanent water solutions.



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