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Leaders demand operation to flash out livestock from watering point stop

KNA    Leaders from Oldonyiro Ward in Isiolo County have called upon the government security agents to stop forceful removal of cattle from grazing areas.

Speaking in Isiolo town, Oldonyiro Ward Member of County Assembly Mr. David Lemantile said that joint security officers from Samburu, Laikipia and Isiolo have so far killed 200 head of cattle and burnt to ash over 150 houses in Labarishereki village in Isiolo County.

Lemantile added that some herders are still missing since last weekend and schools in the area could not open due to fear and other children’s uniforms burnt in the houses.

Lemantile who is also Deputy Speaker of Isiolo County Assembly said that over 200 families are seriously affected by the operation since security officers also burnt the little food left in houses, while women and children are still hiding in the bushes.

The County Assembly Speaker who was accompanied by County Chief Officer for economic planning Mr. Patrick Lenawasae, elders and herders said the operation has slowed down community activities, including reopening of schools, going to trading centres and other normal business in the villages.

They further said that herders had not gone to graze along the white settlement farms since the area had electric fence to ward off animals and the law breakers.

“Most of the animals that were killed were grazing along Ewaso Nyiro river banks or getting water from the river,” Lemantile added.

When contacted, Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Mr. George Natembeya rubbished the complaints, saying the armed herders had ambushed the security officers who drove the animals from private ranches.

Natembeya added that some security officers were injured and one of them is in ICU at Memorial Hospital and warned those who are behind the menace that their days are numbered.

The RC urged the elders to show respect for other people’s property and must always get consent from grazing committees that are already in place in all pastoralist areas instead of using force to illegally access pastures privately owned by ranchers.



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