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Laikipia businesses sluggishly recover after curfew

Business owners in Laikipia County who operate even at night have decried the sluggish recovery of their business a week after the curfew was lifted.

The traders mainly restaurants, nightclubs, taxis and boda boda operators seem to be in shock as their customers were still in the process of adjusting to the new protocol of operating at night.

However a spot check at the two Nyahururu Spanish Bar and Restaurants revealed that both bars were operational alongside the restaurant unlike before when only the restaurants were operational.

Patrick Njoroge, the restaurant manager, said that the lifting of the curfew had positively impacted on their operations because they are now able to operate for unlimited hours hence creating more profits and employment for those who had been dropped.

“We as restaurant operators are overjoyed by the President’s decision to lift the curfew. The customer turn up is rising by the day. Now we can serve our customers day and night and this enables us to realize profit target and still settle our bills,” said Njoroge.

Kennedy Kariuki, the nightclub manager, said they have embarked on normal operations as per the regulations set by their licenses.

“The number of customers is increasing gradually as from last week since the curfew was lifted and this has benefited us as business people. This as well, has enabled us to create employment for other people and hence improve their living standards,” said Kariuki.

Chris Kiana, a taxi driver, said that their business has also been enhanced following the withdrawal of the curfew.

Taxi cabs parked at a Nyahururu town car park. Night business owners in Laikipia County have decried the sluggish recovery of their business a week after the curfew was lifted

“In the past one year, we have been restricted to work past curfew hours without a travel permit, hence making it hard for us to hit our daily income target. After the curfew was lifted we can now operate across the country at any time of the night and be able to deliver our services to our customers with no restrictions. We are now able to make more profits and meet our responsibilities accordingly,” said Kiana.

Peter Njenga, a boda boda operator on the other hand said: “Despite the rise of fuel prices, we are now making good profits because we have been given a chance to work for unlimited hours at night as compared to the last one year when curfew was in place.”

Many Kenyans have been struggling with economic meltdown due to Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent containment measures. However, the lifting of curfew has led to the recovery of night businesses which has in turn boosted the Kenyan economy.

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