Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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KUPPET Kilifi branch opposes mandatory jab to teachers

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Kilifi branch has protested against the move by the government to force teachers to take Covid-19 vaccine.

Area KUPPET Executive Secretary Caleb Mogere termed unconstitutional threats by the government to fire teachers who fail to be vaccinated or withhold their salaries.

“Vaccination is important but you cannot force a teacher to take it threatening to fire them or stop their salaries. We as KUPPET say no. We want our teachers to take the vaccine voluntarily,” he said.

Speaking in his office in Kilifi, Mogere said instead of arm twisting tactics, the government should take responsibility and convince the teachers by properly explaining to them the importance of the jab and its effect on their bodies so that they can confidently go for it.

KUPPET Executive Secretary Kilifi Branch Caleb Mogere addressing the media at KUPPET offices in Kilifi

He added that the law does not provide the government or employers with powers to force people to take vaccines or medicines when they are of sound mind. 

Mr. Mogere however urged teachers to voluntarily go for the vaccine. He said the association was keen on ensuring that all teachers follow the Covid-19 protocols put in place by the Ministry of Health to curb infections and keep off the virus from schools.

“The strategies that KUPPET has put in place are to create awareness to our teachers and tell them that this disease exists and they should be careful and use the methods that I have mentioned such as washing hands, wearing masks and avoiding crowds,” he said.

Civil servants including teachers yesterday flocked Kilifi General Hospital and other vaccination centers in the County to receive the covid-19 jab as per the government directive that makes it mandatory for all civil servants.

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