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Kisii residents eulogize late third President Kibaki

Residents in Kisii County have joined the entire country to eulogize the late third president Mwai Kibaki as they remembered him for the great projects, he initiated during his tenure that ensured economic development in the country.

Speaking to KNA during the signing of the condolences book at the County Commissioner’s office in Kisii town, Peter Makori, a teacher, stated that Kibaki started free primary and secondary education saying it gave every Kenyan a chance to acquire education as a basic right.

“When I was a principal, I used to send students home to collect school fees, but after the free secondary education was introduced, learners gained education fully. Most beneficiaries are currently engaged in meaningful employment,” added Makori.

Makori noted that the late third president played a major role in ensuring the new 2010 constitution was promulgated saying every Kenyan is enjoying its fruits.

“We are free. In those days we could not talk openly like this. We give him a hand because of what he did and every Kenyan can express their views without any intimidation,” he said.

Peter Morara, another resident noted that Kibaki prioritized development saying he revamped the economy and ensured that the country had good infrastructure where a good road network was constructed.

“He ensured that there was a good network connecting the major towns and even the rural areas. The economy was quite favorable to every Kenyan and the cost of living was affordable during his tenure,” added Morara.

Kisii Residents signing the late third president Mwai Kibaki’s condolences book at the County Commissioner’s office in Kisii town

Cyrus Moseti stated that the late third president empowered the young Kenyans when he allowed the importation of motorcycles saying many citizens were given the opportunity to prosper in life through the bodaboda business.

“He was a statesman and an economist in this country. We are still mourning and I urge the youth in this country to prioritize peace. That is the only way we honor our fallen hero by keeping the peace he preached,” affirmed Moseti.


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