Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Kirinyaga rolls out the use of Moderna vaccines 

Kirinyaga County has received 12,400 doses of Moderna type of vaccine and an extra 8,000 doses of AstraZeneca that would be rolled out to the residents.

According to the County Director of Health, George Karoki, said during the vaccination exercise that started on Monday, the County intend to cover 70 percent of the county’s population thus reducing the infection rate of the viral disease.

“In a day we are targeting around 200 patients, so we urge our people to cooperate and show up in the recommended health facilities for the uptake of the vaccine,” he said.

The Director further emphasized that each station will have a specific type to be administered so as to maintain the consistency of immunizing one type of dose.

“In a bid to avert confusion of mixing the doses, each center will have one type so that if a patient receives the AstraZeneca type, the person will receive the second dose in the same facility after 12 weeks. If it’s the Mordena type the patient can receive the second vaccine in the same station after 28 days.”

Karoki also called on the residents to watch out and avoid receiving jabs from unknown sources. He instead urged the locals to only visit the recommended medical centers across the county to receive the jab.

“There are protocols to be observed while administering the jab. The government has a list of the facilities it entrusts to carry out the task and that should strictly be adhered to,” he said.

“I, therefore, want to advice Kirinyaga residents to only get these services from the public facilities whose names are in the public domain,” he added.

Karoki further urged locals to be patient as they intend to roll out the vaccination in all public medical facilities across the county so as to achieve a 100 percent covid-19 vaccination to all county residents.

Grace Wangui, one of the patient said she is happy to receive the dose that will largely protect both herself and her loved ones from severe effects of the disease.

John Wanjohi, another county resident, hailed the programme and called on those who are yet to receive the vaccine to do so in haste.

“I have received my first jab and I’m impressed to have done so. The activity is being done in an organized manner and all the health officers are prepared and willing to help,” he said.

“I look forward to having the next dose as through that, I’m playing my role in protecting myself, my family and the community,” he said.

Esther Muriithi, another resident, urged all county residents to heed to the government’s call to get vaccinated.

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