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Kenya Kwanza leaders urged coast residents to elect leaders with development track record 




 Coast residents have been challenged to evaluate the performance of the current elected leaders before considering to re-elect them, come the next general election.


Leaders allied to Kenya Kwanza alleged that the region is lagging behind despite receiving billions of shillings of the devolved funds.


Speaking in a meeting with members of the Taita community living in Mombasa, the leaders cited poor leadership, priority and corruption as the main causes of underdevelopment in the region.


Former Taita Taveta Governor, John Mruttu and former Mombasa Senator, Hassan Omar, told the gathering that the region has been failed by their own leaders, despite receiving a fair share of the equitable of the devolution funds.


“We have seen constant strikes by Mombasa health workers because of unpaid salaries and other grievances, because of corruption and mismanagement of public funds,” said Omar.


Other speakers include Taita Taveta Woman Representative, Lydia Haika, UDA Mombasa Senatorial aspirant, Hamis Mwaguya and Woman Representative, lawyer Fatma Barayan.


Omar asked residents of Mombasa, Taita Taveta, Tana River and Lamu counties, to emulate Kwale County residents, by electing visionary and development conscious leaders, capable of transforming their counties


He praised Governor, Salim Mvurya, over his government bursary and scholarship programme, that led to hundreds of youths benefiting from scholarships in secondary schools, local and foreign universities.


“While Mvurya utilized public money to educate every child of parents living in the county regardless of their tribes, others used the devolution funds to airlift foreign singers to perform in Mombasa. We can now quantify the differences,” added Omar.


Mruttu blamed poor leadership of his successor, Granton Samboja, over the deplorable condition of the local hospitals.


Mruttu said the breakdown in the health sector has seen an increase in numbers of patients being referred to the Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital (CGTRH) in Mombasa.


“We are now burdening the Mombasa County health system because of daily referrals from our hospitals in Taita Taveta County because of resource mismanagement,” said Mruttu.


He pledged to reverse the trend should he win the next month gubernatorial seat, where he pledged to provide free maternity service and treatment to children below five years.


“In our manifesto we have promised our mothers that they will receive free medical services during pregnancy and after delivery to ensure we have a healthy population,” added Mruttu.


While blaming ODM elected leaders of failing the region, the Kenya Kwanza leaders beseeched the residents to vote for Deputy President, William Ruto, in the August 9 elections.


They asserted that Ruto’s government will reverse the trend and ensure the region benefits in the sharing of the national cake, including development projects and jobs.


“We have been voting six-piece for ODM and the only benefit we got is bad leaders who have run down our counties and constituencies,” added Haika.


Hassan pledged to empower small scale traders with working capital to start businesses and change their lifestyle. 


“We will restructure businesses by creating more business opportunities to expand the revenue bracket,” added Omar.


Haika said Kenya kwanza coalition aims to improve the wellbeing of Kenyans and urge Coast residents to join the bandwagon.


The Taita Teveta Woman Representative said Coast region is no longer ODM’s stronghold, due to failure by the party elected leaders to deliver to the residents.


“Coast residents have been failed by ODM for decades despite banking on them to transform their lives. We should now try the DP because he has given us hope for better tomorrow,” she added.



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