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Kendu Bay old town a pale shadow of what it was says an octogenarian


KNA     Abdi Ong’o Ouya, an 87-year- old man from Upper Kakwajwok Sub location within Karachuonyo constituency is saddened by the dilapidated state of the former bustling Kendu Bay old town in Homa Bay County.

He says he has lived in Kendu Bay from 1934 and has since seen the town deteriorate to the poor state, which it is in today.

Ouya notes that Kendu Bay had been a busy town before the 1990s when the economic fortunes of the urban centre begun to drop radically.

He said what remains of the town today is a pale shadow of what it was in the early and mid-19th century.

Interviewed by KNA, Ouya claimed that the county government had neglected the town and matters pertaining to its development.

The town is today marked by rusty roofs, and abandoned ruins that were formerly occupied homes and business premises.

He says that majority of the occupants of the old town died a long time ago and those left are looking for ways to move into the new more populated parts of the town.

“Occupants have shifted from the old town and the only thing left standing is the old town market,” said Ouya.

According to Ouya, efforts by himself as well as the town’s council of elders to improve the state of Kendu Old town have not borne any fruit.

The old town remains idle land with few occupants and little commercial activities.

“The old town is large and can be utilized in building government offices as well as expansion of the congested Kendu Bay junction,” he reiterated.

The former member of the town council hopes that the national and county governments will work together to restore the town to its former glory.




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