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JSC asked to re-advertise for Resident Kadhis positions

A section of Muslim leaders has asked Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to re-advertise for 16 positions of the Resident Kadhis.

Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) also called on the JSC to immediately suspend the interview process scheduled to kickoff Thursday citing massive canvassing and other irregularities.

Addressing a press conference in Mombasa Tuesday, KEMNAC officials further claimed that there is a well-schemed plot to handpick certain candidates at the expense of qualified ones.

“The date for the interviews has been moved from September 9 to 16 with selected applicants receiving text messages to notify them to attend the interviews without compelling reasons,” added KEMNAC National Chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao.

Sheikh Ngao said the exercise is marred with “corruption, favouritism, tribalism and cronyism” alleging that applicants from certain regions were overlooked during shortlisting of the applicants, despite attaining all the requirements.

Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) Chairman Juma Ngao flanked by KEMNAC officials addressing the media in Mombasa

“We have received several complaints, especially from the Nyanza region, that none of the nine applicants from that region has been shortlisted for the interview,” he claimed.

KEMNAC officials accused JSC of allegedly causing division among Kenyan Muslims through selective hiring of Kadhis while under duress from certain quarters.

“It is sad that JSC is using recruitment of Chief Kadhis and Residents Kadhis to cause rifts among Muslims through highly guarded hiring processes, whose outcome have already been pre-determined,” he claimed.

Ngao challenged Chief Justice Martha Koome and Chief Kadhi Sheikh Ahmed Muhdhar to nullify the recruitment of the residents Kadhis and re-advertise for the positions to allow fairness and competition.

“We want the interview scheduled for this Thursday to be suspended and the fresh advertisement done. Otherwise, as an organization we shall move to court to challenge the whole process,” added Sheikh Mohamed Omar Dima, a member of KEMNAC.

KEMNAC also accused unnamed member of the JSC of allegedly influencing “skewed hiring of kadhis” adding that they will demand for his removal.

“There is a particular Muslim Judge who has been influencing hiring of Kadhis from his community contrary to Islamic teachings. Islam does not allow racism, ethnicity and nepotism,” added Sheikh Ngao.

Sheikh Dima claimed that Kadhis courts have failed to meet the expectation of the majority Muslims in the country due to “hiring of incompetent and unqualified individuals”.

“Any vacant position should be filled through a competitive process to attract qualified, competent and educated individuals. The culture of boardroom hiring in these courts has denied the most qualified Muslim scholars the opportunity to serve our community. We demand for fresh recruitment of the Resident Kadhi.” He added

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