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Installed Tugen Elders urged to salvage the dwindling culture

Newly installed Tugen Council of Elders have been urged to salvage the diminishing culture of the Tugen in the region.

The call was made by local leaders led by Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis during the installation of the first council of elders Chairman Rev Wilson Sambu at Kabarnet National museums grounds.

Kiptis who graced the event pointed out that the community’s cultures were on the verge of extinction because people have embraced foreign lifestyles, languages and behaviours more than the native Tugen traditions and customs.

“I am foreseeing a scenario where in not less than 50 years or so we shall not be having our language,” the county boss observed.

He noted that the elderly people tasked with the responsibility to teach the younger ones about culture were also succumbing to the pressure of using foreign language while communicating with their juniors especially at home or functions at the villages.

Kiptis stated children no longer know or understand their vernacular languages because parents communicate with them using Kiswahili or English even thus allowing the kids to treat local languages and customs as primitive while some are not keen on what is being imparted on their children by house helps when they are not around.

He urged the new office bearers to work hand in hand with his administration to ensure that a clear roadmap is put in place so that local dialects and cultures are taught at Early Childhood Development Education at very tender age.

Wildlife Principal Secretary Prof Fred Segor in his remarks stated that other communities like Pokot, Illchamus and Lembus were ahead because they still place a high premium on their culture.

Prof Segor said that he has much hope with the inaugural team who he noted were up to task in dealing with societal issues concerning Tugen traditions, ceremonies, customs and arbitration of disputes.

The PS urged the county government to set aside a budget that will support programmes and activities that the elders plan to undertake.

At the same time, he called for more membership from eligible people from the community who are above 55 years, arguing that the high enrolment will translate to more income from the annual fees which will support the organisation.

Newly installed Tugen elder Rev Wilson Sambu (left) during installation ceremony at National museums grounds, Kabarnet

Deputy Governor Jacob Chepkwony who attended the colourful ceremony presided over by Kenya National Council of Elders Chairman Major (rtd) John Seii and attended by other leaders including Myoot Council of Elders Benjamin Kitur, General (rtd) Daudi Tonje urged the new chairperson to go out of his way to unite the community even as the country geared towards electioneering period.

Chepkwony pointed out that the elders will not only focus on the heritage and culture of the people and how to improve their economic wellbeing but also provide direction and guidance on leadership roles for better governance.

Rev Sambu in his acceptance speech said he has all what it takes to lead the community to greater heights and promote peaceful coexistence amongst all the communities living in the vast region.

He thanked Baringo elders for picking on him as their first council of elders’ chairman stating that he was not elected as he was better qualified than them but because they trusted he would represent them well.

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