Monday, July 4, 2022
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IEBC Official underscores voter education

KNA Machakos Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Administrative Assistant Nguyo Musyoki has underscored effective voter education to address voter apathy.

Speaking to KNA in his office in Machakos town, Nguyo said that voter education should not only be left to IEBC officials but also involve local media in order to ensure that the information reaches a larger population. 

“With effective voter education and no political influence, people will get the relevance of registering as voters. Media should be engaged during the process to ensure that the information has a wider coverage,” said Nguyo.

He said that politicians being one of the beneficiaries of maximum voter registration turnout should help in mobilizing the public. He acknowledged that there are a few aspirants who are helping by convincing the few who have not registered to do so in time.

He highlighted that Covid-19 is also a hindrance to maximum turnout in the voter registration process. Members of the public are cautious on exposing themselves to Covid-19 thus leading to low numbers of individuals in registration stations.

“People have the fear of getting infected since there is only one biometric machine being used to serve them,” added Nguyo.

He noted that they are observing all the containment measures for Covid 19 and that the public should not worry about contracting the virus.

 However, he added that they are expecting a big number of individuals to avail themselves during the mass voter registration that will take place in august for a period of 2 weeks.

“During the mass registration in August I know people will  turn up to register,” noted Nguyo.



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