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ICT Ministry reaffirms commitment to support film creatives

The Ministry of ICT Innovation and Youth Affairs has reaffirmed its commitment to support film creatives at the 5th Edition of Kalasha International Film and TV awards.

Speaking on Friday at the event held at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), Ministry of ICT Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Maureen Mbaka, stated that mutual learning exchanges by experts and creators in any industry form an important aspect of that industry’s growth.

“Kenya has immense talent, cultural diversity and brilliant creators who we are more than excited to showcase and support,” said Mbaka.

Mbaka noted that the Ministry has improved ICT infrastructure with the recently commissioned peace submarine cable that will bring faster and more stable communication services, connecting Africa, Europe and Asia.

 “I urge all you young creatives to take advantage of the increased internet speeds and compete with those in the developed world,” said Mbaka.

She added that the government had also launched the Ajira Digital program aimed at helping the youth by giving free training sessions on how to work online.

“Get familiar with our initiatives and make good use of them, you could for instance present and share your creative ideas for support and promotion at,” she said.

Ministry of ICT Innovation and Youth Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Ms Maureen Mbaka, speaking at the 5th Edition of Kalasha International Film and TV Market, held at KICC June 6th 2022

The CAS expressed that at the heart of the Ministry is an intent to grow the film and TV industry for the benefit of the entire country.

“I want there to be employment and opportunity for all those who wish to work in this beautiful industry,” she said.

Kenya Film Commission (KFC) CEO, Timothy Owase, stated that film should be an avenue to create wealth and contribute to the economy as opposed to being a shallow pursuit of fame.

“Register your film business to make it formal, educate yourself on all parameters of the industry and we will support you all the way,” said Owase.




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