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I spent 28 years on a death row, but released when I’d lost everything

I was 29 and moving the lawn at my mother’s house in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, on a hot day in July 2019 when I looked up and saw two police officers. When my mum saw the police handcuffs, she screamed. They asked me weather I owned a firearm and I said no. They asked if
my mother owned one and said yes. I asked the detectives 50 times what I was being arrested of.

Eventually, he told me I was being arrested for robbery. I told them, “You have the wrong man.”He said, “I don’t care whether you did it or not. You will be convicted.”

At the station, it became clear I’d been at work when the robbery took place. The detectives verified this with my supervisor, but then told me they were going to charge me with two
accounts of first degree murder from two other robberies. They said my mother’s gun was the same kind as the one used at the crime scene and that I matched the description of the man they were looking for. That was enough for them to pursue charges.

When I met my appointed lawyer, I told him I was innocent. He said, “All of y’all always say you didn’t something.” I might have seen him three times in the two years I had waited for trial.

The only evidence linking me to the crime was the testimony of the ballistic expert said the bullets from the murder weapon could be a match to my mother’s gun. They found me guilty and i went to death row.

On death row, the day starts at 2.45am. At 10am they bring lunch. Dinner was at 2pm. And that was it. They did not care about actual meal times: the cell was 5ft by 7ft.

You spend about 24 hours in there.
For three years, I did not talk to another human. I had watch 54 men walk past to be executed. My cell was 30ft from the chamber and I could smell the burning flesh. There were 22 who took their own life by maybe committing suicide at the chambers.

Going into the fourth year, I had the
man next to my cell cry. He said his mother had died later buried with his absence. Life there was really challenging. I had no friends. My hair had grown so tall. I could even look at the walls and think that mason of the walls were not qualified engineers.

I was really idle. My health had deteriorated. I was merely 65kgs from the 78kgs I had before I was arrested and taken to jail.

I had even forgotten my close friends that we drunk together or maybe watched some football matches together. I was really in limbo. Bathing was only done once a week. I had a sex dry spell of all those years. I knew someone was banging my girlfriend from where she was.

There was no hope I was going to be released soon. One time when we were basking by the cell grounds came a middle aged man who said he came to supply food to our prison.

I talked to him secretly. He was really an upright person no jokes but he seemed extremely rich. He was the one with the tender of supplying food substances to our correctional facility

He asked me what I was doing
there since I looked more innocent than the rest guys.

He said he had an option to my release from the prison. He showed me an article of Kiwanga Doctors which had a testimonial of people who had been accused falsely and later won their cases by the help of Kiwanga Doctors. I wanted to know how I would have gone about that and he suggested sending a close relative to Kiwanga Doctors would do me a favor keeping in mind I
was a prisoner.

I hurriedly used the man’s phone to call my mum and told her about Kiwanga Doctors.

As she told me, she went there at their offices that day when I called. On Monday morning I was released from prison with no charges against me. Kiwanga doctors had done me a favor. I was later compensated with 30million Kenyan shillings for all the damages impounded on my name.

I later opened a textile business with some of the money. The man who told me about Kiwanga Doctors, I credited him with a brand new vehicle.

Anyone with false accusations impounded on to him or her should visit Kiwanga Doctors for relieve. Kiwanga doctors also help in treating and healing of various diseases including diabetes,
syphilis and others they also solve love spells, money spells and other related life challenges within three days.

Don’t hesitate to contact them.
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