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I dated 100 men in 100 days , but never slept with one

I was dating Luke. I’d recently emerged from a 20 year marriage, and the last time i had been single at the dating, landscape was totally different. I’d moved to Nairobi and I did not know a soul, so my cousin introduced me to a dating website to help me meet people. I’m the sort of person who does nothing by halves, so to really throw myself into the single scenes, I set myself a challenge: 100 dates in 100 days.

I filled out my profile and after three days I had over 1000 replies. I assume it is because I took good on paper. It became a full time job just wading through them, sifting out the weirdos and identifying the contenders. I did not start dating immediately; I had strict protocol.

First we would exchange emails, and
then talk on phone for a few weeks, and only if I had gauged that he sounded genuinely, I would arrange a date. I decided always to use the same restaurant; it seemed sensible to be somewhere familiar while meeting a stranger, so to avoid the waiters thinking I was the world’s oldest hooker, I them know what I
was doing and booked the same table each time-table 14.

They were lovely and would give me secret thumbs-ups or down to signal whether they thought a date was going well. On my first date I did not feel nervous, apart from the creeping doubts everyone has: “Will he think I am an old toad?” I had a lovely evening, but I knew he wasn’t quite right for me, so afterwards I send him an email letting him down gently. Only 99 to go. I spent a good chunk of my day other chatting or emailing people or preparing to go out. You would not believe the number of Marks,
Davids and Stephens in my generation, so I devised a chart to help me remember who was who.

If one rang when I could not consult it, I would tread water conversationally until I could race back and remind myself who he was. Since I was a writer, it suffered a little bit. I had to put my novel on hold and turn to writing short stories, which were less time consuming. I would sometimes organize three or more dates in an evening- cocktails, early dinner. I’d nip to my car and change between dates-each one deserved a fresh me.

I never told anyone that they were one of 100 dates-it would make them feel they were part of the stunt, when in reality I was looking for love. Lots of dates commented I did not eat much. Of course I did not-I had had another before his.

Once I slipped up when a waiter was describing the specials. I recommended something I had earlier that evening and was only available on that day, much to my date’s bafflement. I met some fascinating people-doctors, teachers, drivers including going to amazing places. I never grew bored of my endless dates-if I did not feel in the mood at the start of the day, I perked up by the time I was brushing my hair:
this one might be “the one”

I only went on 12 second dates and never slept with any of them. None of them made my heart leap. I was looking for true love by experimenting all this dates to assess the various men I met. The funniest thing
about these dates was that sometimes I spend all the bills using my cash.

The only thing I wanted is the man’s presence and that’s was all. I wanted to find someone I can live with the rest of my life and at least
curb the loneliness I had for all that moment.
One weekend I decided not to go for a date. I spend my time just indoors. On a certain local TV station I saw an advertisement that if you got dating problems and love spells your problems are already solved by the Kiwanga Doctors.

I keenly followed their website, and followed various
testimonials of people who had problems like mine which later were solved. The next morning I took a flight to Kericho where the Kiwanga Doctors’ offices were located. A week later after visiting the Kiwanga Doctors, someone called me. He was called Jack. We decided to meet at the restaurant to know each other more. I could not stop looking at his crinkly blue eyes. We talked until the bar shut.

Three weeks later we married off. Six of my 100 dates came on my wedding day. I really thank Kiwanga Doctors for ending my love spell. Thumbs up to Kiwanga Doctors for through you I got the love of my life.

I advise anyone with any love spells problems and would wish to end it off to visit kiwanga
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They also solve various spells in the world. These spells include: Money spells, Love spells,
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