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Over 75, 000 Huduma Cards uncollected in Kitui County

KNA Over 75, 000 Huduma Cards are awaiting collection in various administrative centres across Kitui County, area Registration Officer Joshua Mutua has confirmed.

While urging locals to pick their cards after receiving a text notification on their mobile phones, Mutua disclosed that Kitui County had received a total of 209,596 Huduma cards and so far 130,320 cards have been collected by the respective recipients.

In a bid to fast-track the distribution of the cards to the holders, the Registration Officer said that they were working closely with chiefs and their assistants to reach out to the card owners.

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Speaking to KNA on Monday, Mutua said that the cards are in a packaging which contains a bar code that they scan and a notification message is immediately sent to people whose cards are in that specific box.

He urged Kitui residents to ensure they collect their cards immediately they receive the alert to avoid delaying the process of distribution.

He urged residents who have lost phones or changed their contacts to continue visiting their respective registration offices to check whether their cards have been processed.

“We understand that some people have not received their notification to collect their cards and that’s because they are still being processed and immediately we receive them in our offices they shall be notified to collect them,” added Mutua.

He cautioned applicants against sending third parties to collect Huduma cards on their behalf adding that they only give the card to the respective owner.

Mutua clarified that the Huduma Card is supposed to completely replace the ID card once it’s totally rolled out.

“It contains the unique number and other personal information and is supposed to be issued to adults and minors over the age of six,” he added.

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