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How traditional remedy saved me from chronic migraine

I did not believe that I could get help for my constant and nagging feeling of migranes and headaches.

It started way back when I was in Form Three at a High School in Bondo Sub- County, Siaya County

I was a rubgy player for my school’s fifteen aside rugby team and the sports teacher liked me for my tough tackling and I was often deployed as that no nonsense fullback.

I execelled at the sport and within no time I was made the School’s rugby team captain in Form Two. A feat that no one had achieved in that school’s history-a rugby powerhouse.

My joy was unparalleled,as I was also doing well in my academics ,coupled with that, I was made the games prefect.

My perfect world came crushing when I was Form Three, I started having bouts of throbbing and pounding pain in my left temple that would go for atleast four to five hours a day.

I hid that condition from the coach but privately visited the school nurse.I reasoned that everything would soon be okay as the migraines-as the nurse called them then-would come and go intermittently.

However,the pains became chronic and I was soon stopped from playing the game I loved. I was taken to hospital and and was checked but nothing conclusive came out of the medical check up.The doctor constantly prescribed painkillers and nothing still worked.

I lost my confidence and soon my grades also took a nosedive as I got to Form Four.My parents got worried about my mood swings and the grades that took a huge tumble.

I finished my Form Four and and got a B+ that year, missing my preferred course.I was dissapointed because I was an A student.I was admitted to a well known local University and was admitted to study Bachelor of Education and specialized in Chemistry and Biology.

I kept to myself most of the time, and was depressed for most of the time as the University had a famous rugby team that I could not join because my headaches were killing me.

I confided in a coursemate who told me he could help me figure out my problem.He mentioned that he had heard of Dr.Majaliwa in a radio advertisement saying that he could help people having problems with chronic illness.

I told him we should travel to see the healer.We went and I was surprised that he was a traditional healer.I was skeptical at first but I allowed him do his thing while all the while promising he has a solution to my problems.

I left back to school and surely the pains started subsiding after a week.

Eventually I was healed and I felt much better. I graduated and managed Second Class Honours Upper Division.Fortunately for me I got hired at a local International School where i still serve.

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