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How my first job interview gave me a well-paying job as a bank manager

I am a graduate with degree with lots of hope ahead of me that my life is going to be good having worked hard in my studies.

LBefore joining university I passed highly with a good grade that landed me to do banking and management, a course I was so passionate about.

I had been brought up in a humble background and my education depended on constant support from well-wishers until I successfully completed my studies.

After successfully completing my studies, I joined one of the prestigious universities in the country and soon after graduating I had hope of being employed immediately
until I learnt that in Kenya when there is no connection or bribery your degree will be useless

My parents and siblings started to count on me because they thought that once somebody graduated they got a job immediately.

I tried searching for job going from different interviews without success.When I vacated the school premises I had nowhere to go to no money to rent my
own house even to buy one day food only I was left with only one choice that is to be a street boy in the streets of Nairobi with no hopes dashed.

I was moving from one street to another just to pass time when night came I would roll myself in a sack under flyovers.

As days past,I got a job at a construction site where I did casual job earning 400shilings a day.

One day as I was going about with my job i saw my school mate driving an expensive car came to the site to inspect the work done little did I know he was the owner
of the mansion. I ran to him and greeted him he was shocked to see me work there despite my qualification after a long chart I asked him how he got that a lot of money in a twinkle of an eye he told me that Doctor Majaliwa who is known for casting powerful spells had helped him.

He then gave me the doctor’s contact and asked me to contact him.I didn’t hesitate I contacted him and booked an appointment and meet him in person he told me that I was being haunted by bad luck from our family he performed his traditional spell on me and casted good luck in me.

A day after meeting the doctor I got a message that requested me to go for an interview in a bank and that’s how I was employed as a bank manager indeed my life has changed my family status has also changed.

Thank you doctor Majaliwa. if you have any problem not only getting job. Dr. Majaliwa is casting different spells in human life he is also gifted in treating and healing using African traditional herbs.


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