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How I found my missing child after months of stressful search

Some things are quite unbelievable, until it happens to you. I never thought my child would go missing for years.

For a very long time I saw news about children going missing with distraught mothers and fathers would be seen tearfully asking for information about the whereabouts of their children.

Looking at those news I never thought that such unfortunate occurrence would one day befall me.

My name is Meresa Awiti, a resident of Obunga in Kisumu City. I still remember vividly the events of 24th December 2020 like it was yesterday when 6-year-old little girl and a few of my neighbour’s kids dressed up and left the house at 6pm in the evening headed for the local church for a night vigil to usher in Christmas day.

I went to bed early that day as my husband who worked construction normally did not come home until 10pm in the night.

When I woke up the following morning motherly instincts directed me to my daughter’s bedroom.

To my utter shock and disbelief her beddings were still neatly folded like they were the previous day.

I quickly rushed back to my bedroom to wake my husband inform him that our daughter didn’t sleep at home.He promptly told me to go check whether the neighbour’s children who had gone to the vigil together with my little Mary Atieno are he

Horror of horrors! My little girl was not there and the neighbour’s kids told me they left her walking back home after the vigil.

The journey back to my house was a long one and I was literally shaking with fear, what would I tell my husband?

On arrival my husband advised me that we should to the local authorities who in turn booked the case and promised to take action.

News of our missing daughter went out but for weeks her whereabouts remained unknown.

Her absence haunted me, I was distraught and blamed myself for allowing her to for the vigil.

As people celebrated Christmas and the New Year it was sorrow in my family.

Weeks turned into months, with unscrupulous people taking advantage of our dire situation promising to lead us to where our little girl was.

We spend heavily in the search and we started feeling the heat our pockets ran dry and soon my husband turned to alcohol to drown away his sorrows.

After one year I heard about a Dr Majaliwa advertising his services over the radio. He claimed that he could help people with our predicament reunite with a loved one. I made the long but cautious journey from Kisumu to Migori where he was based.

Fortunately, I found him and he told me to be patient, he worked his thing and told me to return because my little girl was already on her way back home.

I went to Kisumu weighed with hopelessness and fear.

A week passed as my anguish and frustrations grew. I decided to go church to pray for God to help me, but during the announcement period the pastor announced that a lost girl was in the backroom and congregants could go check in case the knew the girl.

I could wait I went and to my surprise my now grown girl sat there looking emaciated and dirty.

I couldn’t believe what Dr.Majaliwa did and I am forever grateful.

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