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How a traditional doctor helped me recover my stolen property

My huge problems with thieves started soon after getting my first apartment back in 2008.

I had never lost anything to thieves like ever and the only encounter I have had with robbers was when I was in class six when some petty thieves tried to steal from my parents shop.

Two people came by the shop at around 8pm to buy a few things. One bought some few things and but the other remained behind taking a soda and was to pay for everything after taking his drink. However, he took off and ran into the thin air without paying.Luck was not on his side as he was pursued and eventually caught.

Now back to story , after moving into my new apartment I pampered my house with electronic gadgets and a few cozy sofa sets.

No sooner had I fully settled in and started celebrating the freedom of living alone than my house was broken into and my valuables stolen.

I vividly remember receiving the call that evening from our caretaker, a day after I had embarked on a visit upcountry. The call made me uneasy prompting me to cut short my visit and travel back to the city.

On my arrival I was perplexed on finding the door to my house wide open and the apartment empty save for a few useless things that remained,I was practically rendered motionless by the fact that I would have to start from zero.

All the saving I had used to beautify my apartment was all gone up in just a night . It pained me to the core none of my neighbours could give a collaborative a county of what transpired.

The neighbours were probably delighted that misfortune had struck me or so I thought. To be fair to them, I had no time for cheap and idle talk, because I usually left early for work and came back late.

I quickly moved out of the house because moving was quite easy since I had just a few things to carry to a smaller apartment.

However, my peace and tranquility was interrupted, I remained uneasy and suspicious of my surrounding.

The spate of misfortune didn’t spare me either as my business premises was broken into and goods worth thousands of shillings stolen. How could one person be subjected to such an emotional torture?

I was confused and scared, angry and depressed at this unfortunate turn of events. This theft came just one year after my home was practically swept clean by thieves. I confided in a friend of mine who introduced me to one Dr.Majaliwa whom he said could help me solve my woes.

I reluctantly joined him to pay a visit to this man who he said that had helped several people.

Dr.Majaliwa a charismatic man who seemed to be in his 40s welcomed us and promised that my woes would come to an end and I will recover all that I lost.

It has been eight years now, I have never lost anything to thieves any longer, and my electronic gadgets business is thriving.

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