Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Health workers plan to strike as County delays their pay

Mombasa County health workers have issued a strike notice for Monday if the county government won’t disburse their June and July salary.

The clinical officers have complained of not receiving their past two months’ pay despite various sittings with officials to inquire on the delay.

Mombasa county clinical officers’ secretary Mr. Franklin Makanga said that the county must respect their rights to pay as other employees and pay their salary or they would strike.

“We are issuing a strike notice that on Monday, all the medical operations in this county will be paralyzed unless we get our money,” he said.

Speaking to the media on Friday at Mombasa Kenya Medical Training campus, Makanga said that nurses and clinical officers felt victimized by the county’s ministry of finance for delaying their pay voluntarily yet they received money for the just concluded financial year.

“When you check the records, it is clear that the county received money for the financial year 2020/202. Now we are wondering why we haven’t received our June and July pay yet,” he said.

Makanga said a major health paralysis would be experienced on Monday warning those who have sick relatives in hospital wards to find early alternatives from private hospitals.

Mombasa County Clinical officers Secretary-General Frankline Makanga when he addressed the media on the delayed disbursement of salaries

According to Makanga, they have had over 100 sittings with the county government concerning the issue of delayed payment but only fake promises have been received from the authorities.

“We will not allow the Mombasa county government to handle health workers’ pay issues carelessly yet we are delivering our duties effectively. The strike is because we have no money to take us to work and unless we are paid, how do you get to your workplace if the pocket is empty?” he posed.

Makanga said that another concern is the late payment of their monthly NHIF contribution and statutory deductions which have highly affected their credit life.

Some of us have lost parcels of lands since we have delayed in settling loans. You can imagine the life we are living during this time where we have covid-19 which has led to tough economic status in the country, yet the pay delays,” said Makanga.

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