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Grade 3 pupil makes Mats for a living and helps the less privileged

Abigael Mumo a 9-year-old girl at Kaluluini Primary school in Matuu Machakos County has a knack for making mats for a living by reading from a book and practising.

Abigael has learnt to sew mats for cash and has impressed her parents, teachers and neighbours with her skills which have attracted her peers who come to Abigael for tutorials.

The 9year old was with her parents while speaking to the media in her home in Matuu and attributed her talents to her teachers and the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The Government introduced CBC in 2017 which is a new system of education designed to emphasize the significance of developing skills and knowledge.

She said her teacher encouraged her to be creative and with the practical assignments they are given at school, she slowly started gaining interest in sewing mats.

While most businesses in the world were struggling amid Covid-19, during last year’s Quarantine, the young entrepreneur came up with the idea of making mats to help feed her family, orphans and less fortunate by selling the mats

When lockdown started last year and we were told to stay home, I wanted to do something to help my parents, orphans and the poor in our community,


Abigael, who is the youngest in a family of 6 siblings, said her favourite book is Mwana Sayansi, which she was reading during the lockdown and which has also helped her in her sewing skills.

Her parents said they were in utter shock after she completed and decorated a mat with ‘Sweet Home’ writing which she gifted her father.

Her father John Kyalo is a pastor and her mother Rose Kyalo is a hairdresser in Yatta. They said they are proud of their daughter who already shows how responsible and caring she is going to be when she grows up.

Abigael Mumo with her parents Rose and John Kyalo holding a mat that she had gifted her father at their home in Matuu Machakos County.

The mother says that her daughter has been passionate ever since she was little. Abigail would observe and plait sacks and dolls hair with the help of her mom.

“Abigael has always been passionate about sewing since she was little. When schools closed, she started collecting used sacks and used them to make mats which cost between Sh500-800,” said her mother.

Her father Kyalo adds that Abigael is very different from her 5 older siblings. He says she is well composed, organised, very creative and focused.

The 9-year old says she can make up to 5 mats in two weeks and appreciates her parents for being a motivating factor. She says they helped her in purchasing the raw materials like yarn, a rag and crochet pin, which are needed to crochet the mats.

Her best subject is English, though she is talented in creative arts under the CBC. Abigael wants to be a headteacher and businesswoman dealing with mats when she grows up.

The parents urged other children to apply their skills in real-life situations, to earn a living and support the less privileged.

CBC emphasizes a learner’s unique talents and abilities rather than focusing on academics and exam performances.

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