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Governor Nyong’o extends employment terms of 195 to three years

It was jubilation for Kisumu casual workers after Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o extended their contractual terms of service from three months to three years.

This was formalized Wednesday by the city manager Mr. Abala Wanga who issued contract letters to over 195 casual workers at Mama Grace Onyango Social Hall in Kisumu.

The gesture by the county government comes a day after the three-month contract for the group had come to an end. The city manager congratulated the laborers for their good work and patience towards the county government.

He further said despite not being paid on time they continued to carry out their duties which have earned them an additional three years of contact.

Wanga urged the casual workers to sensitize the public on the importance of keeping the city clean.

“The assignment I want to give you is that you’re not just a cleaner but a community sensitizer as well. Sensitize the community that it is upon them to keep the city clean,” said Wanga.

While addressing the laborers he warned traders and shop owners within the city to take the cleanliness of the town as a personal responsibility to maintain the face of the county.

He also noted how some of the casual workers used to complain over salary delays and send painful messages to the governor.

“With this new adjustment I hope now those who are crying of school fees can now freely pay,” added Wanga.

Finally, he welcomed the casual workers in the government and encouraged them to take their work seriously and use their payment to grow their lives.

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