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Governor Kinyanjui asks elected leaders to embrace dialogue

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has urged leaders to lower the rising political temperatures as the country approaches next year’s August General Election.

Kinyanjui asked Members of County assemblies, Governors, Senators and Members of Parliament to embrace sober conflict resolution mechanisms whenever sensitive political issues pop up in the country.

In a statement to newsrooms, Kinyanjui noted that it was disheartening that when issues pitting leaders against each other crop up, the noise level goes up and retards development.

“We need a prosperous nation not a divided nation after elections. We need a team of leaders who will take Kenya to the next level. We will have a peaceful General Election only when the political class approaches it with dialogue, decorum, and follows the rule of law,” said Kinyanjui.

All Kenyans and politicians should remain alive to the fact that whoever will ascend to the highest office in the land will be President for all of us. It is evident that the country is charged politically and talking at one another will not solve the situation. We must all calm down and embrace dialogue,” he stated.

The governor warned Kenyans against involving themselves in any form of political protests and demonstrations that could degenerate into violence and asked youths not to be used by politicians to cause chaos.

 “Youths should stop being misused. Let them not be bought cheaply to cause combat or retaliate on behalf of political leaders,” he said.

Kinyanjui cautioned Kenyans to be wary of political leaders who were out to divide the country and stated all individuals aspiring for political office should be allowed to campaign without interference.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui at a past function

“We should not entertain leaders who fuel conflicts and divisions instead of resolving them. Our role is to guide the community and whatever we do and say should bring Kenyans together. If a leader makes a mistake, the person should be admonished quietly and not by making a lot of noise about it,” he said.

“Let us listen to all those who have offered themselves to be elected. They should not be examined based on where they come from and what languages they speak,” the governor advised.

He appealed to Kenyans to vote for leaders who were committed to serving the nation, adding that their choices should not be based on tribe.  Kinyanjui told the electorate to examine politicians based on the promises they made.

Leaders’ actions in public forums, he noted, would have a great impact on public reaction hence leaders must exercise restraint.

“Mathews Chapter 5 verse 9 indicates that blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. Our prayer is that God continues to nourish our souls as we seek refuge in him. I pray for the country’s leadership, so that they know God the provider of peace and all that we need as humans,” he added.

The Governor said politicians should not incite their supporters to violence or involve themselves in acts that could breach the peace.

“Good leaders are those who cherish peace and tranquillity in society. Those who incite people to chaos should be tamed. We pray for a harmonious General Election next year. Politicians should uphold dignity and respect each other’s right of choice and association,” he pointed out

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