Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Government moves to restore water supply

A total of 100,000 households of Murang’a have been experiencing water shortage occasioned by destruction of pipes during construction of roads in different parts of the county.

Water and Irrigation Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu has said delay in relocating the water pipes to allow tarmacking of local roads has also subjected thousands of households to lack of water for months.

Water Principal Secretary Irungu Wairagu leads other government official to launch water projects at Kiamara market in Murang’a

On Wednesday the PS observed that disruption of water supply has affected more than 100, 000 households within Murang’a County.

He said the ongoing road works in Murang’a has seen destruction of pipes worth more than Sh2 billion.

The PS accompanied by his Transport and Infrastructure counterpart Professor Mwangi Mariga who led a team of government officials to inspect various roads and water projects in Kangema promised to ensure the destroyed pipes are replaced so the affected families could resume accessing water at their homes.

Wairagu expressed confidence that the two ministries would work together and ensure steady water supply to the affected families resumed soon.

Currently, more than 10 roads in Murang’a County are being tarmacked, which has caused water shortage to scores of residents.

“In Murang’a, the most affected area in terms of disruption of water supply is Kangema. In other sub counties, there are also families which have stayed without water for more than a month,” stated Wairagu.

He underscored the commitment of the government in implementing various water projects towards achievement of universal water connections.

“The cost of destruction cannot be left to local water firms as it’s expensive. With the Ministry of Transport, we will ensure destroyed pipes are replaced and those that need to be relocated are moved so as to ensure locals don’t suffer due to lack of water,” he added.

On his part, Mariga said all contractors have been directed to replace destroyed water pipes within a period of two weeks.

He noted that the government provides a certain percentage in the total cost of doing a road to cater for relocation of service lines like water pipes and electricity posts.

“With the Ministry of Water, we will ensure destroyed pipes are replaced and supply of water to affected homesteads resumes,” said Mariga.

In Murang’a, the PS observed, the government is doing major roads which have disrupted water supply citing the Mau Mau road which has affected many pipes considering a majority of water sources are in Aberdare forests.

“The government is one and we will ensure any disruption in provision of services is restored. Contractors are under instruction to replace destroyed pipes and where there is need to relocate them, the work is done immediately,” he added.

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