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Government assures residents of Laikipia of security as elections near

The government has assured of security and peaceful elections in volatile parts of Laikipia County that witnessed banditry and livestock theft last year.

Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri speaking on Wednesday at his Nanyuki office assured residents of Olmoran area in Kirima sub County that voting on Election Day was expected to go on peacefully since normalcy had been restored in the affected areas.

” We have deployed adequate security personnel in the area, built additional police stations and we are also sensitising the locals to live peacefully with each other,” Kanyiri said.

At the same time the County Commissioner revealed that the government had also sunk two boreholes at Kiwanja Chuma area and also desilted two dams at Ngoisusi area to end perennial water shortages that has led to clashes between pastoralists and farmers.

“The government has adopted a multi-sectoral approach to the problems affecting the residents of Ol Moran area such as providing water, providing building materials to families whose houses were burnt down by arsonists as well as rebuilding schools that were also torched,” he said.

At the height of the clashes that saw over 30 civilians killed and several security personnel by armed bandits, 29 houses and several schools were also razed by arsonists in September last year.

He further revealed that two classrooms at Merigwet primary school that were torched at the height of the clashes last year had been rebuilt with assistance from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) who have also put up two new classrooms at the school.

“All these efforts are meant to restore community trust in the area and eliminate fear of future attacks. We have also increased the number of police reservists in Ng’arua, Wangwaci, Ol Moran Township, Alfa 3 and Survey areas to patrol the areas day and night,” he said.

Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri speaking at his Nanyuki office

He added that local administrators together with village elders and civil society organisations have been holding regular peace meetings with locals to assure them that normalcy has been restored.

KDF is also coordinating the digging of a trench around the 100,000 acre Laikipia Nature Conservancy in order to stop raiders from hiding stolen livestock inside the expansive ranch.

The conservancy has been used as a hideout area by the bandits where they also hide stolen livestock but now the government has mobilised equipment to dig deep trenches all around it to prevent raiders who hail from neighbouring counties from accessing it since they easily destroy the electric fencing before entering,” the County Commissioner said.


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