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Good eyesight is crucial for driving

Vision is crucial for driving, but a number of local drivers have poor eyesight according to an ophthalmologist at the Mediheal hospital in Nakuru city.

Dr Nilmal Kumar, ophthalmologist at the hospital, said out of every 20 drivers who are sent to them for eye screening, two to three tend to be colour blind, and yet some of them have been driving public transport vehicles for quite some time.

 Interviewed by KNA yesterday at the hospital, he said 90 per cent of the information a driver requires while driving is gathered through the eyes, and poor eyesight is a major risk factor for road traffic injuries.

He lauded transport vehicle companies that are currently demanding eye screening examination of drivers before employing them. Adding, it has enabled them to correct reflective errors among many drivers by giving them appropriate spectacles.

The medic said a number of accidents on the local roads could be caused by visual challenges among drivers who have never gone for any form of an eye examination.

Dr. Nirmal Kumar an ophthalmologist at the mediheal hospital in Nakuru city

In addition, he said it would be prudent for all drivers both private and the public to check their eyesight at least once a year, for their own safety and that of other road users.

Kumar said environmental factors such as pollutants, dust, fumes, sand, sunlight, micro particles and pollens affect various parts of the eyes like the cornea and leads to plenty of eye disorders like cataract.





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