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Give less vulnerable food instead of cash, government urged

The government has been asked to distribute food to the vulnerable and people facing hunger instead of giving them money.

Ahadi Kenya Trust Executive Director Dr Stanley Kamau on Saturday casted doubt on the move to give money to those who are less fortunate instead of food donations.

Kamau said cash transfer may not reach many people and some of the affected lack mobile phones which can help them access the government’s money.

He also noted that money being given through government administrators may be misappropriated thus not benefiting the targeted groups.

“I appeal to the government to consider the idea of giving money to those faced by hunger and the less fortunate in society. Cash transfer is not a bad idea but it’s much better to physically distribute food to the affected families.

“Chiefs, members of Nyumba Kumbi and social services officers are on ground and can ensure food is distributed to the intended target,” he said while at  Karung’e area of Mathioya Sub county where he distributed food to more than 1, 000 residents.

The national government had in some months back rolled out a cash transfer programme to give the vulnerable families cash instead of distributing food.

Those targeted in the cash transfer programme were from hunger-stricken areas and to the less fortunate in different parts of the country.

Giving out the money was perceived as a better way to reach more people and enable the affected to buy food among other necessities.

“Some people cannot be trusted with money meant for the poor. The government can purchase food stuff and through its network distribute it to the targeted groups. Due to rain failure in many parts of the country, many Kenyans are facing hunger,” he noted.

Meanwhile Kamau asked the residents to elect leaders who will bring better changes that will reduce suffering and improve livelihoods. Good leadership, he advised, will ensure there is increased employment, reduced drug abuse, no hunger, among other vices facing the community.

“Elections are done after every five years, but problems like hunger, unemployment are still with us. This time I urge you to elect people you are sure of who will bring the much-needed developments and individuals who are not corrupt,” stated Kamau.

The philanthropist took the locals on civic education to ensure come August 9 elections, they will participate in the exercise and avoid making mistakes when casting their votes.

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