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Give Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) system of education a chance

The castigators of the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) of education have been urged to give it a chance and refrain from criticizing it in the presence of the learners who have not complained so far. 

The Chairman of the Boy Child Pillar Samuel Karanja said the CBC has the capacity of keeping more boys at school because its practical and their mindset works better with hands-on learning, hence the need to support it. 

Speaking at Njoro town today during their quarterly meeting, Karanja said so far, the young boys seem to be enjoying learning compared to the past when a number of them played truant due to the cramming that was required in the 8-4-4 system. 

Samuel Karanja the Chairman of the Boy Pillar Organization

“Despite, the many complaints raised by parents on the social media platforms, my observation is that the boys are enjoying school compared to the past when they appeared like caged animals waiting for a chance to bolt out of school,’’ says Karanja. 

However, he said there was an urgent need of recruiting more teachers and constructing more classrooms to reduce the current congestion that makes it difficult for the teachers to give the learners personalized attention. 

He added that as a defender of the boy child’s rights, nothing has excited him as the CBC because for once they talk excitedly about the projects they are carrying out with their teachers and class groups. 

He noted that boys tend to use their right side of the brains, which works well with the construction of things, while girls’ brains utilize the left side more, and that makes them to be better in communication compared to the former. 

Karanja appealed to the Ministry of Education to organize participatory forums for both parents and teachers, especially at the grassroots where the system has not been properly understood before the social media activists poison the minds of parents countrywide. 

He noted that the parents mainly complaining were urbanites who have already formed negative opinions, but, the rural parents were still non-judgmental about the system.  

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