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Girls in Bukhayo East Ward to benefit from free sanitary pads

KNA   1,500 girls in Bukhayo East Ward in Busia County are set to benefit from the free sanitary pads from  the Maureen Odhiambo’s ‘Zero Early Pregnancies’ initiative.
Odhiambo, a motivational public speaker, aims to reach out to 12 schools in the Ward, targeting girls from class five (5) to eight (8) in primary schools.
The benefactor highlighted the need for prompt sensitization of the menstrual cycle to girl child in order to empower them and minimise chances of boda-boda operators taking advantage of them due to their innocence and humble backgrounds.
“Menstrual cycle is a natural process which should not deter girls from participating fully in their studies, hence, we are working to ensure that our girls are given equal opportunity to attend classes just like the boys,” said the Odhiambo.
She stressed that absenteeism during menses was negatively impacting on the performance of girls and therefore more effort should be put in place to ensure undisrupted school attendance by girls.
“My intention is not actually to give pads only but rather to interact with this precious young lives and mentor them to higher levels in life. I want to cultivate in them a life changing scenario that will see them achieve anything they will dare put their eyes on,” said Odhiambo.
The self-motivated speaker who aspires to be the Busia Women Representative has set her eye on girl-child and women empowerment in the County. She intends to drive out poverty and share knowledge to better the County.
“When I was a young girl, I yearned for a mentor but I never got one. I have lived to learn from my own mistakes and I don’t want anybody to go along the same route,” she added.
She encourages girls to believe in themselves and not to be delimited within their social-economic challenges.
The programme started at Buyofu Primary School and then Sikinga among other schools in the Ward.


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