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General Elections must be held on August 2022, says Duale

KNA    Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has opposed calls to postpone the August 2022 general elections noting that the Kenyan constitution under article 259 is clear on election dates.


Speaking during a fundraising event at a Garissa hotel Saturday, Duale asked Kenyans to ignore the leaders calling for postponement of next year’s election.


“The next elections will be on 9th August 2022, so if you are not prepared to particularly face the candidature of Dr. William Ruto do not look for a lame excuse,” he said.


“The only option that the elections can be postponed in the constitution is in case this country goes to war with another country. We are telling the heads of security in this country that even this option is not available,” he added


Duale’s sentiments come days after the African Court on Human rights in Arusha that gave countries the green light to postpone elections over Covid-19.


The court ruled that treaties signed by African Union (AU) member states allow for postponing of elections in the event of a disaster that threatens the well-being of citizen, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused the deaths of thousands on the continent.

The court however ruled that any government that wants to postpone elections must do so using the laws in its country. This means that if a country’s laws do not provide for postponement, lawmakers must come up with regulations to define and govern the process.

The Pan-African Lawyers Union (PALU), which sought the advisory opinion had asked the court to issue rules and guidelines for postponement of elections by AU members.

PALU draws its membership from lawyers and law societies in African countries and has been formally recognized by the AU since 2006.

Duale further asked the government’s independent institutions created by the constitutions not to intimidate, cause fear, harass and fabricate charges against the leaders perceived to be in the United Democratic Alliance party (UDA)


“Let everybody, every party be given democratic space to sell their agenda and manifesto to the people of Kenya and let the citizens be allowed to make their informed decisions to choose the next leaders of this country,” Duale said.  




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