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Gas dealers in Murang’a worried over high cost of gas

A section of Murang’a gas dealers are in distress over continued increase of cost of cooking gas, fearing that it might push them out of business.

 Jane Wanjiku, a gas dealer in Murang’a town has said that as a result of the skyrocketed prices, she has to go an extra mile of exploiting her savings to purchase gas.

According to Wanjiku, a six-kilogram gas cylinder currently retails at Sh 1,500 and a 13kilogram gas cylinder at Sh 3,300.

“Six-kilogram gas cylinder costs Sh 200 more while a 13-kilogram cylinder costs Sh 700 more,” said Wanjiku adding that residents may opt for alternative sources of fuel.

Jane Wanjiku in her retail shop

 Another gas dealer, Sylvia Nyambura, revealed that she has been forced to borrow money from creditors to keep her business running.

“Business is not as usual because in order to keep my business afloat I have to borrow money from lenders and supplement with my profits to be able to restock,” said Nyambura.

Brian Kinuthia, a resident in Mukuyu, observed that it has reached a time where there is a need to revert to charcoal and firewood as a source of fuel to reduce life stress on the rise of cost of living.

“People will be forced to use charcoal and firewood,” remarked Kinuthia, adding that gas is becoming expensive and no longer sustainable.

 Kenya draws its petroleum imports from the Arab league. A possible interruption in supply in Europe due to the ongoing crisis will push demands for the products up, hence increase in prices.

The current tension and geopolitics will have a far-reaching implication for the global economy, given that some of the countries involved are major producers of natural gas.

 Murang’a County Ecosystem Conservator Dennis Kerengo fears that increase of gas prices will lead residents to an alternative source of fuel like charcoal.

“My fear is that residents will start cutting down trees for use as charcoal and firewood as it is a cheaper way of satisfying their needs,” said Kerengo adding that this will lead to environmental degradation

The ecosystem conservator noted that as a department they are in the process of planting trees in conjunction with the county government, prisons, university of Murang’a and Ministry of Interior to prevent deforestation.

“At the moment we have a tree planting campaign which is ready to start immediately when the rains begin with the aim to plant 2 million trees,” he said

He also added that as a department they are encouraging residents to use alternative sources of fuel like solar, paraffin and electricity rather than depend much on firewood which will lead to deforestation.

“Trees take a long time to grow, some four years and others more. So, it is not a reliable source of fuel,” he added

The government has put measures in place to curb the destruction of gazetted forests by residents who depend on trees to earn a living or as a source of fuel.

Residents are requesting the government to reduce tax and subsidize the gas prices to reduce the cost of living.


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