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Five Coast political parties form coalition to challenge ODM, Jubilee dominance

KNA     Five political parties in Coast region have formed a coalition in an effort to forge a united front that will champion and advocate for the rights of coastal people.

Kadu Asili, Umoja Summit Party, Shirikisho Party of Kenya, Republican Congress Party and Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) announced the formation of a coalition that was formed under the banner of Coast Integrated Development Initiative (CIDI).

Speaking during a Coast Political Parties Convention in Voi Monday, Mr. Bernard Taura, the director of CIDI said the coalition of like-minded parties from Coast would allow the region to have a common stand in matters affecting over two million people in the region.

He stated that talks about harmonization of manifestos were still underway. “We are coming together because we are all addressing unique issues facing the coast region. The formation of this coalition will allow us to have a common front in pushing for issues affecting our people,” he said.

He said the coalition is seeking alternative leadership that resonates well with the needs of the coastal people.

The coalition is viewed as vessel to challenge the dominance of Orange Democratic Party and Jubilee Party that have dominated the politics of coast region for the last several years.

There are also reports that a united Coast-region party can have a higher bargaining power should there be a future merger with parties from other regions.

Mr. Matano Chango, the National Chair of Umoja Summit Party said the major aim was to have all like-minded leaders from the region on board to push for the rights of the people.

He stated that issues like squatters’ menace, landlessness, lack of jobs and violation of human rights issues would be at the center of their push in order to form the next government.

He also rubbished claims that the coalition of regional parties was entrenching the notion of regionalism and ethnicity into political discourses.

“There is nothing tribal we are doing. We are coming together as brothers to discuss our issues just like other people. It’s funny that ethnic groups are only mentioned when coastal parties come together,” he said.

Mr. Mbuka Ngesa, national Vice Chairperson of CPK, stated that the coalition would ensure that natural resources would benefit the local residents and would fight against privatization of national assets that only benefit a few people.

He pointed out that the unfulfilled promises by leaders and people in power had left many Kenyans disillusioned.

“The issues affecting ordinary citizen has never been properly addressed. This is the error we must correct and put people first,” he said.

The coalition has already held several meetings in Mombasa and Kilifi to discuss about a joint manifesto to be popularized before the 2022 general elections.

The officials of the five parties said that they were willing to work with other elected leaders including governors, MPs, Senators and MCAs from the region provided they share a vision for empowerment of the local residents.

“They are all welcome but they must champion the rights of the coastal people,” said Mr. Ngesa of CPK.

Observers say that the coalition seeks to establish itself as the party of coast region in a bid to give it weight, presence and identity.

 “This coalition is trying to reclaim some ground because the major parties especially ODM has dominated politics in Coast region,” says Mr. Jael Nganza, an opinion leader in Mwatate.



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