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FGM Board says no prove that Murang’a woman underwent forced FGM

KNA   The Anti-FGM Board has said there is no medical prove that a woman from Murang’a County was forcefully subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by her husband.

The Board’s Chairperson, Agnes Pareyio, stated that the recent allegations by the 38-year-old woman from Kandara, who claimed she was circumcised by her husband together with others, has not yet been ratified.

Pareyo said from the medical Report, the woman was actually assaulted, but it’s not clear if the husband with his accomplices really wanted to circumcise her.

The Chairperson, speaking in Murang’a County, Wednesday, said the Board together with security  operators, are still doing investigations to ascertain the truth of the incident that took place three weeks ago.    

The woman, who is still recuperating in hospital had made a report in a local police station, claiming her husband together with 10 others circumcised her.

She argued her husband is a follower of a cult dubbed Gwata Ndai which is advocating for and perpetuating FGM.

The chairperson however raised alarm over increased cases of FGM in central part of Kenya warning those who are behind the retrogressive cultural practice risk prosecution.

She said they are investigating several FGM cases saying as a board they will first embark on a programme to educate people on negative effects of the vice.

“FGM prevalence among members of the Kikuyu community currently stands at 26 percent. It’s a worrying trend considering people from central region are deemed educated and well conversant with negative aspects of FGM,” said Pareyio during a consultative forum at the office of the Murang’a county commissioner.

She observed that intensive sanitization programme needs to be rolled out targeting to educate specifically young people on the inherent dangers associated with FGM.

“FGM is quite high in 22 counties. Murang’a is not one of them but we are carrying out investigations to know the reality and apprehend those who may want to bring back the vice among members of the Kikuyu community,” added the Chairperson.

Among the communities leading in conducting FGM are Kisii, Maasai, Samburu and Somali. 

Speaking during the same occasion, the area County Commissioner, Fredrick Ndunga, stated that the woman claiming to have been forced into FGM was only assaulted.

Ndunga said from the Report they had gathered, the maltreated wife and her husband had been having marriage wrangles for many years.

“Two medical assessments were done and none proved that the Kandara Woman actually underwent FGM. We are still investigating to know the truth of the matter and what really transpired,” he added.

The County Commissioner asked area residents to provide security officers with factual information and avoid peddling malicious rumours, especially on such sensitive issues. 

“We are also investigating cults which are said to be behind the resurgence of FGM and soon we will get into the bottom of the matter. Nobody will be spared if found culpable,” added Ndunga.



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