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Father and daughter give account of how they pinned down a rapist

A father and her daughter testified at a Kabarnet Magistrate court how they wrestled and pinned down a rapist who attempted to rape the daughter.             

Cheboi narrated to the court the incident that happened on7th October 2021 at their Keturwo home in the dead of the night after an attacker later identified as Alex Kiptum attacked her daughter.

Cheboi told the court that he heard her 17-year-old daughter screaming at 1:00 am and rushed out to find out what was happening. To his surprise he found the accused touching the daughter’s inappropriately while grabbing her by the neck.

On seeing him Kiptum started attacking him which forced Cheboi to scream for help. According to Cheboi, his wife, children and a neighbour came to his rescue and together they were able to pin down the attacker before tying him with a rope.

Cheboi narrates that he proceeded to report the incident to the village elder, then returned to guard the accused till morning using the attacker’s own spotlight before taking him to Keturwo chief’s office.

The parent said that the attacker lied to the chief that he was on his way to a different compound only to find himself in Cheboi’s compound by mistake.

The chief advised them to either go to police or resolve the matter among themselves.

The complainant took the former option and frog marched his prisoner to Barwessa Police post where another complaint emerged against the accused of stealing his neighbour’s phone.

The accused was booked and the police commenced investigations before arraigning him to the Kabarnet Magistrate court where he denied the charges.

Cheboi denied knowing the accused prior to the incident and said that he only saw him on the day he attempted to rape his daughter.

He also said that he did not have knowledge of her daughter’s age which forced the court to order for age assessment which indicated that the girl was 17-years-old.

The victim confirmed seeing Alex Kiptum at their home on the night saying he pushed the door which she had locked from the inside to gain entry.

The minor told the court that she screamed for help and her father came to her aid and apprehended the attacker. The prosecutor, Augustus Obiero prayed for another date to avail two more witnesses for the continuity of the case.

The Magistrate Vienna Amboko ruled that further hearing will be on 12th July, 2022 and the mention on 5th July, 2022.

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