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Elgeyo Marakwet residents brace for tough economic times

KNA  Business activities in Elgeyo Marakwet County have continued to decline as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to slow down the economy.

Anita Kurgat, a business woman in Iten, narrated that sales in the general supplies business had been affected by the advent of the pandemic.

She says that her business which is dependent on agriculture has been facing tough times because of the decrease in agricultural activities which has in turn affected the prices of goods.

Kurgat said that she gets fresh produce supplies such as potatoes from the Marakwet highlands and other commodities like green grams from the Kerio Valley adding the enforcement of the curfew on the other hand has limited the movement of goods at night.

Most of our goods are bought by those who travel so the curfew has led to low turnout in the goods we receive especially from outside the county,” she said.



Addressing the press in Iten, the County Executive Committee member for Tourism, Culture, Wildlife, Trade and Industry Shadrack Yatich said that there has been a decline of business activities across the county.



He said that they estimate the commercial activities to have dropped to a low of 60 percent stressing that if the same continues business will even slow down to a low of 40 percent.



“Majority of the residents in our county are farmers therefore the economy of the county is mostly dependent on agriculture,” Yatich added.



The CEC notes that there is going to be a delay in harvesting this year because of the ongoing dry weather conditions across the county. He added that it is expected that agricultural produce this year will also be low compared to the previous seasons. He urged farmers to prepare for tough times ahead as the pandemic and drought continues to affect trading activities.



The most common commodities in the markets are potatoes which contribute to the economy of Elgeyo Marakwet County.



He encouraged farmers especially in Kerio Valley to take up the cultivation of drought resistant crops such as millet and sorghum.



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