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Elders warned against arbitrating defilement cases

Non-governmental organizations tackling gender-based violence have been urged to spearhead efforts to stem increasing cases of defilement in Kakamega County.

Butsotso Central acting Chief Samwel Oketch has raised concern over an increase in the vice, warning village elders against arbitrating such cases traditionally.

Mr. Oketch, while speaking to KNA in Kakamega town, sent a stern warning that the government will not tolerate immoral behavior in society.

Butsotso Central Acting Chief Samwel Oketch speaking to KNA at his office

The chief’s remarks come in the wake of an incident at the weekend, where an 80-year- old man attempted to commit suicide after being accused of defiling his 15-year-old granddaughter.

“Family members confronted the old man and on realizing that he had been cornered, he attempted to commit suicide but was rescued and taken to Eshisiru Medical centre for treatment,” the chief confirmed.

He said the man will be taken to court once he gets well and investigations completed.

The granddaughter is reported to have confided that the suspect used to call her to his house especially on Sundays when the rest of the family had gone to church on pretext of helping in house chores, only to turn against her.

Mr. Oketch has attributed the rise in the vice in the area to consumption of illicit brews and poverty.

The chief is now calling on Non- governmental organizations dealing with Gender-based violence and children’s rights to sensitize women and young girls, and empower them so that they can report such incidents.

Another 14-year-old girl in the same family was also defiled and impregnated by a 28-year-old married man who has since fled the area.

The administrator warned that elders found attempting to settle such cases traditionally will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

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