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Elderly woman cries for justice

An 89-year-old widow from Lwaya Area in Matayos Sub County is crying for justice after her livestock was unlawfully taken away by auctioneers, using a fake court order.

The incident which occurred last Friday has left residents of Matayos puzzled, terming the act as the most inhuman to someone who has never taken a loan or guaranteed anyone.

Jackline Egesa Achola is now living in abject poverty and fear after her only source of income was auctioned by mistake.

“It was on Friday early morning, I was ambushed by large number of police officers in my compound with two Lorries and police land Rover.  I tried to inquire what was they issue but they pushed me back in my house,” narrates Egesa.

Narrating the incident, the elderly woman said she lost her husband over 10 year ago, adding that she had been bedridden for six years now and the only hope for her, were the five cows she depended on for food, clothing, medication and paying school fees for her two grandchildren.

“I don’t know how to read or write, I have never taken a loan or guaranteed someone, those people come like thieves accompanied by police from Matayos police station and robbed me of everything, destroying my door and cowshed,” she added.

The 89-year-old Jackline Egesa Achola left holding the rope after her 5 cows were auctioned

According to the woman’s daughter, Pamela Atieno who witnessed the incident, this is not an isolated case in the area, as the perpetrators are targeting low profiled people in the community to pay for a loan the area chief Derick Haseke allegedly took, while he was the chairman of bidi Sacco that collapsed.

“My mother has never taken any loan, she is being robbed by the chief using fake court order and police. We are appealing to the government to intervene for her to get her property back,” said Atieno.

The same scenario was replicated at Justus Barasa Otieno’s home a few meters from Egesa home. The same grabbers stormed his home taking six cows, but luckily he was saved by the villagers who responded on time.

Human right activist Elias Ouma Osanya has condemned the inordinate action by the auctioneers terming it as inhuman to the bedridden grandma.

He has threatened to move to court to sue the Inspector General of police and Attorney General, while seeking interpretation of the court on the same.

The widow is now calling on the relevant authorities to intervene and ensure she gets back her five cows, valued at about Sh500,00, which were her only hope.


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