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Drug traffickers plying Kibwezi- Kitui road put on notice

KNA     Kitui County Commissioner John Ondego has put on notice drug dealers using the newly constructed Kibwezi-Kitui Highway to evade police dragnets saying surveillance had been tightened.

            Speaking during this year’s 57th Mashujaa Day celebrations at Kitui Stadium, Tuesday, Ondego disclosed that last month detectives intercepted 9 bags of bhang weighing around 450 kilograms that was on transit to an unknown destination.

            “Detectives are on the trail of drug traffickers and their masters in the county. I am putting on notice such criminal elements and their accomplices that once arrested they shall face the full force the law,” warned the County Commissioner.

            He said that it was disheartening that the road which is almost 90% complete may be used as a conduit of drug peddlers to smuggle their illicit products to ruin the lives of productive youths in the country.

                Commenting on rising teenage pregnancies in the county, Ondego warned pedophiles impregnating under-age girls that they will face the full force of the law.

            “Chiefs and their assistants as well as police are on the ground apprehending the culprits who have defiled and impregnated girls below 18 years. It is a criminal offence punishable by law to have carnal knowledge of a minor,” warned Ondego.

                 The county commissioner said that once schools are open, the girl child should be protected to ensure her future is not all gloom due to preventable early pregnancies.

                  The tough speaking administrator also warned parents against concealing the pregnancy of their under-age daughters and advised them to report to the authorities for appropriate action.

“We also aware parents and village elders have been holding kangaroo courts to mediate between the culprits and the aggrieved families. We shall not allow the rights of the children to be trampled upon, those found in contravention of the law will be arrested and taken to court,” said Ondego.

            The County Commissioner disclosed that some of these pregnancies could be as a result of sexual violence, which has been projected to rise during Covid-19 lockdowns.

“At least, this is true judging from lessons learned during the pandemic lockdowns, where the closure of schools resulted in an increase in physical and sexual violence, teenage pregnancies, and unsafe abortions,” he noted.

            The fete in Kitui was given a wide berth by local politicians and Governor Charity Ngilu’s speech was read by his Deputy Dr. Wathe Nzau who was a lone ranger from the County Government.

            In her speech, Ngilu said that her administration has embraced state-led enterprises as a development and investment platform for utilizing local resources and training our young people to produce goods that sell in the national and international markets.

“This means that we put to use our land and its resources, our labour whether skilled or unskilled, as well as capital and technology to create industries that manufacture goods for sale in the local and international markets,” said the Governor.

            She singled out Kitui County Textile Centre (KIKOTEC), which within a short period has become a nationally renowned brand in the manufacture of attire for both government and the private sector.

“KIKOTEC is now a leading producer of face masks and personal protective wear (PPE) for the health sector countrywide. The enterprise which is now a County Parastatal has created employment for over 600 youth, and is in the process of expanding to Mwingi and Mutomo,” observed Ngilu.



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