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Don’t elect six-piece suit, Nyakera cautions Murang’a people

A Murang’a gubernatorial aspirant has dismissed calls by United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party aspirants for election of a six-piece suit.

Irungu Nyakera, who is vying on Farmers Party ticket has said the pact they signed in Kenya Kwanza coalition allowed all affiliated parties to be treated equally and to field aspirants in all elective units apart from that of the President.

Speaking when he campaigned at Wangu Ward on Sunday, Nyakera called for elaborate discussion by all parties in Kenya Kwanza saying some aspirants with UDA ticket treat those from affiliated parties as outsiders.

He noted that politics of the six-piece suit is long gone and Kenyans should elect leaders based on track-record, integrity and their manifestos.

“In Kenya kwanza we are campaigning to have Dr. William Ruto ascend to power on August 9, but in other elective positions, Kenyans should be allowed to vote their preferred candidate from any affiliated party in Kenya Kwanza. Our colleagues in UDA have been organizing meetings where some of us from affiliated parties are not involved,” stated Nyakera.

He vowed to have discussion with the DP to iron out issues paralyzing campaigns of Kenya Kwanza, saying all 11 parties which form the coalition need to be treated equally.

“In our campaigns we have done civic education to enlighten residents and the kind of the leaders they can elect. There is a need to elect leaders based on what they can deliver and their track record but not on party lines. You elect leaders with integrity questions, you continue to suffer. Let’s have leaders who will solve the challenges facing people,” said Nyakera.

Murang’a gubernatorial aspirant, Irungu Nyakera, speaking at Wangu area during his campaigns

Apart from the Farmers’ Party, other parties in Kenya Kwanza Coalition which have gubernatorial candidates in Murang’a include Democratic Party DP. Former Water principal secretary Wairagu wa Maai is contesting on DP ticket while Irungu Kang’ata is vying on an UDA ticket.

The UDA party led by Kang’ata has been organizing meetings in different parts of the County with calls to have the residents elect a six-piece suit. His calls have not gone down well with those vying using UDA affiliate parties.

Meanwhile, Nyakera drummed support for his bid, saying he will give agriculture priority if he is elected next Murang’a governor.

For many years, Nyakera observed, farmers, especially those who grow cash crops, have been exploited by cartels who need to be removed from the value chain. “I promise to be responsible and utilize prudently devolved funds to ensure our people get better services,” he insisted.


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