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DCI officers visit Mwiso children’s home in Mwala Christmas day


DCI officers from Machakos County visited Mwiso Children’s Rescue Centre in Kyawango, Mwala Sub County and offered the children Christmas goodies.


Led by the county DCI boss Rhoda Kanyi the officers also hosted the children to a sumptuous meal.


The centre hosts victims of sexual violence, pregnant teenagers and mothers.


Kanyi said officers had been handling the children’s cases and felt obliged to celebrate Christmas with them.


“For the last three years we have been celebrating every Christmas with children as we usually handle their cases from incest to defilement,” she said.


Kanyi called on other well-wishers to also support children in their locality and help them achieve their dreams.


“Some of them have no place to call home especially the teenage mothers and they need to go back to school to achieve their dreams,” added the DCI boss.


At the same time, she issued a stern warning to any perpetrators of sexual abuse especially during this festive season that they would face the full force of the law.


“Those who think they will get away with such habits are mistaken as culprits will be arrested and charged accordingly,” added Kanyi.

Machakos DCI officers led by county boss Rhoda Kanyi at the Mwiso Rescue Centre in Kyawango, Mwala Sub County


The director of the centre Annastacia Nduku thanked the officers for visiting the children’s home.


Nduku lauded the officers for working tirelessly to ensure justice for victims of sexual abuse.


“The officers have been very helpful, they walk with us through the cases of each victim to ensure that justice is served,” she said.


She disclosed that the centre currently hosts 27 children.



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