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Dairy cooperatives seek county support


Two cooperative societies for dairy farmers have asked the County Government of Makueni to support them financially to buy vehicles to enable them transport their produce to markets.


The two; Kibwezi and Kitise/Kithuki Farmers’ Cooperative Societies are currently involved in manufacturing of dairy products like yoghurt, maziwa lala and fresh milk which they sell locally.


Speaking at the exhibition section during the 7th devolution conference, the Kibwezi Farmer’s Cooperative Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Mr. Victor Mutungi said that they were in need of a vehicle to lessen their burden of transporting milk.


“We started this project in 2011 as a group of 38 farmers. The major challenge we have is transporting the products made from the 300 litres of milk daily. I urge the county government to help us with money to buy a vehicle to reduce the problem,” said Mutungi while speaking to KNA at the exhibition site.


While saying they transport milk currently using motorcycles, Mutungi revealed that the national government had donated machines, generators, chillers and solar heater that they are using to process the milk.


He further said that the adverse effects on climate were impacting negatively on milk production in the area.


“Farmers are getting reduced milk production during the prolonged dry spell in the county. We as farmers need to supplement government effects in conservation by planting trees to lessen the adverse effects due to climate change,” he said.


In a month the farmers are producing 9,000 litres of milk which gives the farmers Sh 330,000 per month. They are able to educate their children with monies accruing from the sale of milk.


On his part, the Kitise/Kithuki Cooperative Manager Moses Musyoka said that they need a vehicle besides the county government finding a market for their products.


Further the manager said they also want the government to assist them with fodder to feed their animals especially during the dry spell where the milk production goes down.


Musyoka said that they started way back in 2014 saying they serve farmers in Kitise/Kithuki, Kathozweni and Makindu wards in the area.


He disclosed that they collect 250 litres of milk which culminates to a total of 7,500 litres per month which gives the farmers approximately Sh 250,000. The farmers are able to earn an income which has enabled them to fend for themselves.

Kitise Dairy farmer’s cooperative exhibition booth at the Devolution conference in Makueni



“We have faced the challenge of buying a vehicle due to financial constraints. I urge the county government of Makueni to come to help alleviate the problem,” he said at the exhibition section during the 7th devolution conference in Makueni County.




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