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Crackdown on animal rights violators

KNA   A number of traders found mishandling animals during transportation were rounded up and the animals taken to safe custody during a major crackdown against animal rights violators in Elgeyo Marakwet county.

Speaking during the launch of the exercise, the county Chief Officer for Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives Dr. Benson Kibore said handling of animals was key to the quality of animal products and the general improvement of the livestock sector.

“We are urging the county residents to take animal rights seriously since the quality of their products is dependent on their safe transportation and handling,” said Kibore.

             He said the crackdown is part of the implementation of the animals’ rights act that is enshrined under Cap 360, adding that they will ensure that animal’s rights are not abused by traders.

Kibore noted that the perpetrators were not fined during the exercise but sensitized on the importance of animal rights, which include the right to safe transportation and handling, provision of food, water and reproduction.

However, the chief officer added that next time the violators will not be as lucky since they will be fined and serious action taken against them.

Kibore said that the exercise is targeting traders who violate the rights of animals during transportation and blamed this continuous mistreatment to low fines.

“In future the department expects the fines to be hefty for violators once the animal welfare act which is before the county assembly is passed,” he said.

During the exercise the traders who were found to have violated the rights of animals especially chicken and sheep were arrested and the animals taken into safe custody



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