Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Crack down on illicit brew

KNA Security team in Cheptais Sub county Bungoma County have launched a crackdown of illicit brew in the area.



Led by chief Chesikaki Mono Ndiema said that the illicit brew has led early pregnancies in the area.



Ndiema said according to the statistics from Ministry of education during 2020 KCPE and KCSE Bungoma County was leading in early pregnancies country wide.



He noted that most of the cases have been brought about by the illegal brew business conducted near education facilities.



The area chief has now raised a red flag on illicit brew in his area, stating that the crackdown will continue until the illegal business comes to an end.



He called upon persons involving themselves in such businesses to change and get a decent business to do.



Noting that the area has lost so many people through the illicit brews, Ndiema asked stakeholders to come on board to help fight the illicit brew in the area and the sub county at large. 



During the crackdown, a total of 3,000 liters of chang’aa, Busaa and Kangara were destroyed.




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